"if you can catch a bubble....you can do anything #tryit" - Said an idiot

onceuponadeeja ha dicho skinny jeans, maybe a pencil skirt?

anytime i wear pencil skirts, it does too much to my booty. don’t get me wrong, i love it, but idk if i want ‘booty booty booty rocking everywhere’ in the skc offices

pgshepherd ha dicho okay ashy grey/black pants would be adorable with that. girl, you need to invest in a statement necklace.

i’ll have to dig them out and see how it looks then…

it appears so, all these broad in these videos have these big, chunky, extravagant necklaces on, hmph 

  1. theselfproclaimedultimatenerd said: Please, PJ, there is never a wrong time for booty rockin’ everywhere. :p
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